A French Garden

A French Inspired Garden

Private Residence
Baltimore, MD

The area of the property prior to renovation included an unusable sloping lawn.  Inspired by the client’s love of French gardens, this newly created outdoor space provides a place for outdoor entertaining, as well as a beautiful garden scene viewed from the dining room of the home.  The garden is well used and much loved.

We spent a year together planning the garden—visiting gardens, attending lectures on French gardens, and sharing images of gardens in books and on-line.

The lawn was leveled with terraced granite walls, which surround the new garden room.
A French -themed planting of trimmed boxwoods in a bed of wild perennials
mainor-concept final
Several concept plans were prepared for the garden.
An arbor was designed over the newly renovated stone sitting terrace.



The fountain was designed with an agrarian theme.  A simple copper spout emits a stream of water into a fountain basin below.
wall image
The finished garden and lawn terrace is now well-used as an outdoor room.  A hedge of European Hornbeam was planted along the street to provide year-round privacy.