A Gardener's Garden

A Gardener’s Garden

Private Residence
Ruxton, MD

This garden underwent a complete renovation with a very strong horticultural focus.  Overflowing beds with a rich selection of trees, shrubs, and perennials for this lovely “Gardener’s Garden” were planned in close collaboration with the owner.  Now a stop on the Maryland Horticultural Society tours, the garden is well loved and carefully tended by the owner and her family.

casey poolThe pool on the upper lawn terrace

casey roundButler stone walls with large Limelight Hydrangeas

casey wallButler stone seat walls with boulder details

casey stepsStone slab steps with planting connect the lower and upper lawn terrace.

casey houseButler stone walls create a sunken bedroom patio.

casey joepyeBold, colorful perennials and shrubs border the pool.