Naturalistic Gardens

Private Residences
Ruxton, MD

The design for this project focused on creating level areas for outdoor entertaining, as well as play spaces for children. The site consisted of a significantly sloping grade.  Areas of lawn and stone terraces were situated on the site with boulder retaining features and stone slab steps, which were designed to appear as part of the natural landscape.

Stone slab steps wind down to the play lawn. Creeping herbs and mosses fill stone crevices and joints.
A prior unusable slope is now the family’s play lawn.  The trees, installed at a mature size, nestle the house in the landscape and provide much needed shade.  Boulders retain the grade and serve as seats.
maglad-back steps
Stone slab steps connect the upper lawn and lower stone terrace.  Evergreen conifers and blue grasses are planted above the sitting boulders.
Plants surround the lower stone terrace, creating an intimate setting.


Hampton, MD

The homeowners requested a planting design that would compliment the architecture of their well crafted home. Ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, and drifts of perennials were carefully chosen and placed to achieve this naturalistic design.

orlando walk
Plantings with a variety of colors, textures, and scents provide interest along the front walkway.
orlando daisy
A drift of Shasta Daisy is planted under the front windows.
garden image
Boulders are nestled into perennial beds.

house-front image


Roland Park, MD

For this well-tended woodland garden, the plantings were chosen in collaboration with the homeowner, an avid plant-lover.  The existing large canopy trees on the site allowed for a variety of shade-loving plants.

A lush woodland planting greets you along the newly designed front walkway.
A natural stone pathway takes you through the woodland garden.