Billie Holiday Plaza

Public Space Design

From the 1920’s until the 1960’s, Pennsylvania Avenue was a prominent center of culture and entertainment in Baltimore City.  The Royal Theatre on Pennsylvania Avenue was well known and Billie Holiday was a regular performer.

The original Billie Holiday plaza was dedicated in 1985.  Since then, the statue had suffered decay, while high walls adjacent to the sidewalk created safety issues.

I was a member of the design team at Mahan Rykiel Associates, the landscape architecture firm responsible for the plaza’s re-design.  Conceptual plans were submitted and approved by the community and drawings were prepared to guide the construction of the plaza.

Re-dedication of the statue
A seat wall with ceramic mosaic art of Billie Holiday’s favorite flower, the magnolia blossom, defines the edge of the plaza.


billie-planConceptual plan for the plaza